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BBT Group (Barrier Breacher Task Group) and Warjunkies (WJ) are a military enthusiast. We are the GRUNTS (Geared Reenactment Unit & Theatricals). We're 1:1 Scale Military Operators, 1:1 Scale Lifesize Figure (very much human). We're a bunch of brothers with the same interest & love to collect real military stuff from all over the world especially US military gears & WEAR them! No we're not the real deal! But, our equipments are. Well, alright...some of them are replicas. Like our fake M4 rifles. We are a collector. We've begun seriously collecting US military gears in 1991. We have the Vietnam era gears, 80s - 90s gears such as ALICE systems, PASGT helmets as well as LBVs. And, ofcourse, the current US military gears like MOLLE systems, MICH helmets etc. From ALICE to MOLLE.

To see us individually wearing our gears & pose as a Ranger, Navy SEAL, Marine Recon, SWAT personnel & Delta Force operator (in woodland, 3-color desert, ACUPAT, PCU, MARPAT & Multicam camoflage pattern as well as Nomex Flightsuit/CWU-27/P both sage green & tan), please click on the names on the left menu under 'The MORONS' category. Names of the morons in alphabetical order. Or visit the Warjunkies Gallery. This site is dedicated for all men and women who have served in the Armed Forces.

Latest Update Tuesday, April 24th 2012


             Fairy Grenadier Fairchild   Fairy Grenadier Fairchild   Fairy Grenadier Fairchild   Fairy Grenadier Fairchild  

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"Your photos are great. You operators look realistic as a squad should...the background of the photos they look like real places I have seen. Are they??" 'Timberwolf' Former US Special Forces.

"I am a professional news photograper who almost got to go to Iraq. The video had me fooled for a few seconds until common sense kicked in. But excellent job with the video!!!!" Imnotdatbaby. US. Via youtube.

"is it just me or does that look like an action figure?" Grim. AirsoftRtrt. .

"Are you real military?" mudsniper. DC.

"Very well done! Extremely accurate." Themango0. WA.

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